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2 years ago

Only $99.00??

I just received an email offering me a new Edge for cable TV for only $99 which is way below what I paid for it earlier this year.  What I am wondering is how can you sell a device that requires a tuning adapter and a cable card when they are no longer available from our cable provider?  If you can get one, it will not be new and most likely will be several years old or defective.

Is this the reason that TiVo is dumping these DVR's at such a low price due to the fact that cable companies are not providing the equipment you need to make them work?

Or that the fact that in the Phoenix/Las Vegas customers are having their tuning adapters reboot causing loss of program whether you are watching live or making a recording??

It will be interesting to see if you allow this post to be put online as others have not.

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    Is this a request of tech assistance, or just a rant serving no useful purpose?

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      Based on 100 days of my call history not working, a request for tech assistance serves no useful purpose either.  And yes, this is a rant.  I am really ticked off.

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        The tivo edge isn't a COX device. The fact that TIVO is selling it, is up to Tivo. Whether the needed materials to use it from a cable provider isn't a Tivo issue, NOR is it the issue of the cable provider, it's up to people to research and find that information out for themselves.