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4 years ago

One free contour box beginning 3/2021

Beginning March 2021, Cox updated their policy, stating you get one free contour box per customer. Does anyone know if that includes current customers at that time? I have been paying for two boxes, just checked my bill .

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    All my statements...up to June-July...still charge $10 per month.  The only change I see is renaming the charge from Contour Receiver to Contour $10.

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    The Perks to Updating Your Plan
     - How does a "new customer" update a plan?

    Existing and new customers now enjoy the same everyday pricing on TV service.
     - This reads like Cox is eliminating promotional deals for new customers.

    One Contour box is included in your TV package price.
     - This begs the question:  "What is a TV package?"
     - On my statement, it could either be Contour TV or Total TV
     - My Contour TV includes:  Starter, Preferred, Advanced and Contour Guide
     - Total TV tallies everything including the $10 rental for 1 Contour Box

    My guess is there's now 1 set price for 1 Contour Box with, and depending on, your combination of services (Starter, Preferred, Advanced)...for all subscribers.

    This set price includes the rental fee for 1 Box.  If you add a 2nd box, it'll probably fall under a different header, such as Additional Equipment Rental or Other TV Fees and Surcharges.

    Cox will not give-up charging at least $10 from every cable-TV subscriber.