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6 years ago

One American News

The one thing stopping me from changing from Directv to Cox is my wife just loves the One American News Network.

Is Cox going to be getting this channel in the future ? I have seen several request for it on these forums.

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    Great question!!  What do we have to do to get OAN on Cox?

  • Hello. Thanks for channel suggestions. We have submitted this channel suggestion to our programming team on your behalf. -Allan Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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    These competitors have it.

    AT&T U-verse – 208 (SD) and 1208 (HD)
    CenturyLink PRISM – 208 (SD) and 1208 (HD)
    DirecTV – 347
    GCI – 64 (SD) and 703 (HD)
    Verizon FiOS – 116 (SD) and 616 (HD)

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      These are my only choices for service with my wife.

      Come on Cox let's get it Done. Already. I saw request from 2 years back for this channel. The time is now.