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6 years ago

On demand rental and purchase categories are gone

  1. I'm trying to locate new movies for rent and purchase but when I access on demand the entire category for renting or purchasing new movies is gone and I'm not able to rent or purchase either TV shows or movies. I've checked to make sure on demand was turned on in settings but still no new movies or rental categories show up under contour. Help please

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    Search Aardvark as an on-demand title.  If you find it, note its channel number...then try to direct dial into the directory.

    That's a pain but just trying to find the problem.

  • I just checked here and I am seeing a section for "New and Most Popular" at the very top when clicking On Demand from the Contour menu. If you scroll towards the bottom where the menus have a blue background(under Browser), you can scroll a little to the right and there is a section for "Movies For Purchase".

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