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5 years ago

On Demand Movies For Purchase or Rental No Longer Appear on Contour Menus

Can anyone offer advice to help me restore On Demand movies to the Contour menus, so that I can purchase or rent them?

For example, when I go to "On Demand" / "Movies" / "Movies to Buy," all I see is an error message that says "There are no programs available at this time."

When I click on an advertised Special Offer or Collection, such as a movie that is priced for sale at $9.99, or a set of movies that are priced at $24.99, I no longer see any menu options to purchase the movie(s). What I see are the usual Parental Guide, Favorite, etc. menu options.

When I access the Info button for a specific movie, and then look at the "People Also Watched" options for similar movies, all I see are Free movies or ones that are scheduled for a future broadcast time. No longer do I see any options for purchase or rental. 

I've already done a System Refresh from the Contour Menu.  I've already done a Restart from the Contour Menu.  I've even powered everything off at the electrical outlet for 5 minutes and then restarted everything.  But it seems that my Contour equipment remains blind to any movie purchase or rental options.

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  • Hi Dave222,

    I am sorry to learn of your troubles and I'd like to help. Please send us an email to with your address and name on the account. Be sure to include the URL so we can recognize you.

    We look forward to working with you.

    Cox Support Forums Moderator