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7 years ago

On Demand movie goes to PIP and Have to Unplug Box to Exit the "Stuck" PIP

This has happened several times over the last couple of years.  I selected a movie to watch, agreed to buy it and when the movie started, instead of starting on the big screen, the movie started in a PIP window that there was no way to get to.  I tried swap, i tried channel up and down, powered off the tv and cable box, but all for not.   I had to unplug the cable box, wait for it to reset, go back into on-demand and resume the movie before it would work.  Based on other posts, i am not the only one with this random  issue.  What is being done about it!

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    Hi Otis5722,

    In an effort to avoid such issues, our newer receivers don't have an automatic PIP option. What model receiver and IPG (guide) do you have? Please include the type of remote you use.

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