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6 years ago

On Demand digitizing during tv shows

I've been trying to watch tv shows on demand this week and they digitize ( squares, lines across the screen, sound intermittent).  It doesn't change when I reboot the box.  Any ideas?

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    Hi Doreen18,

    Is this with certain On Demand programming or all? Do you notice if this occurs while watching Live TV? Are you aware of any splitters connected to the cable line coming from the outlet going to the back of the box?

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      This seems to be with all On Demand programming.  It does not happen while watching live tv.  There is a splitter from the outlet for the internet.

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        Hi Doreen18, it's possible that the splitter might need to be replaced. You can test this theory by temporarily bypassing (disconnect) the splitter, and connect your cable box directly to the wall outlet. Reboot the cable box, and once it finishes the boot cycle, play an On Demand title that was previously breaking up into little squares. If the On Demand title plays without issues, the splitter needs to be replaced. You can pick up a new splitter at Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart, Target, etc. If On Demand shows are still unwatchable after bypassing the splitter, we suggest scheduling a service call so an on-site technician can resolve this for you. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator