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5 years ago

Olympic Channel not available

Olympic channel is not working

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    Called in....After giving the tech info he says "Okay, Im going to reboot your box" Why hire people that cant do any troubleshooting and can only reboot the box? Just program it so anyone calling in automatically gets their box rebooted. Why hire brain dead zombies that can't troubleshoot anything?

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      After I tell him I dont want  him to reboot y box I hand up and the asshle reboots my box anyway. This company is a *** disaster

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    You don't need to call to reset your cable box.  You can log into your Cox account and reset online.

    Just asking but was the Olympic Channel previously available to you?

    I researched the requirements for the Olympic Channel:

     - Requires either Advanced TV Receiver or Contour Receiver
     - Doesn't work with a mini box
     - Available with Cox-provided CableCARD and compatible retail device
     - Requires subscription to Sports & Info Pak
     - Not available in SD

    SD is either Standard Definition or South Dakota.  I'll assume Standard Definition but it begs a troubleshooting question:  Do you live in South Dakota?

    The rep could have asked a few questions about your account before instinctively resetting your box.  Did you recently change your account, such as drop the Sports & Info Pak or replace your receiver with a mini box?  I didn't find anything about blackout rules on

    What specifically displays on your screen?