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Obnoxious Cox Adds on Channel Guide.

Dear Cox: please reconsider your decision to put Cox adds in the channel guide. We see adds EVERYWHERE! TV, Internet, signs, bus benches, etc. etc. etc. Now you decide to clutter up the channel guide. It is extremely irritating!

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    Set all the channels you want to see as a "Favorite" and then have the guide only show you your favorite channels, no more advertisements.  Setting favorites will also allow you to streamline your guide.  I happen to never rent a PPV, don't really like sports and don't watch shopping channels.  Since I do not have these set as favorites, I never see these channels either!

  • Yes, it's extremely annoying and at times causes me to click on it when it is in the spot where the channel that I want to click on would normally be.  My antenna pulls in the major networks and local stations and I know how to record them in HD, but getting a channel guide to schedule recordings is cumbersome.  If Cox is going to mess up their guide it just may push me to set myself free.