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6 years ago


Been waiting for OANN for a long time. How do we find out if it will ever happen or not? I want it personally and commercially. Thank you.

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    There's so much demand for this, you ought to charge extra for it.

  • We have submitted a channel request on your behalf for OANN. These requests are kept on file to show how much interest our customer's have in adding a specific channel.

    Cox Support Forum Moderator
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      Why don't you create a poll of your subscribers instead of waiting for subscribers to request it?  OANN should not be that difficult to add to your channel lineup.

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    I am ready for this to happen also. I saw request for this channel 2-years ago. Let's go Cox. Get it added. It's not like it's HBO or something.

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      Hi James, I went ahead and submitted a channel request on your behalf, to have OANN added to your channel lineup. We continually evaluate new networks as they become available and assess whether the new network would create additional value for our customers, based on how much it costs and the available bandwidth. If Cox decides to move forward with this change, you will be notified under the "News From Cox" heading on your billing statement. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator

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    My Dad has CenturyLink cable and has OANN and he loves it. Add my name to the list of people requesting OANN on Cox Cable. Your customers have been requesting this channel for years, so make it happen.

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    I have requested OANN 5 times in the last year or so.  How difficult is it to add a channel that almost every provider has already?