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4 years ago


Does COX have an add on date for OANN, if not, I am in the process of moving to DIRECTV !

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    Me too!  Been with Cox for a little more than a month and it was sad to learn that I couldn't get Newsmax or OANN.  Hate to think that I've got to go back to DirectTV to get them......I can't stand CNN and MSNBC.....they're so stupid.

  • Hoping they add OANN soon, or we will be leaving as well. Prices are already too high for channels that can be streamed less costly through other devices. The reps are directing me to Fox or MSN. We just want  OANN included too. Why are they leaving them out?

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      I agree... where is OANN... why do they not want us to have it... Surely it's not political and they wouldn't keep us from conservative news? If that is the case then say so COX so we can get off your cable.

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      Hi @Wendy Anderson,

      Please send us at email with your Full name & full address, I can submit a channel request for you.

      Ben S.
      Cox Support Forums Moderator
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        Cox Support Forums Mod,

        Rather than tell us to fill out a generic request to send to a generic e-mail address along with everything else Cox handles, can you actually provide the name, phone number, e-mail address of the actual people who handle channel lineups so that we can get a real direct answer to the question of why Cox is NOT adding OANN after years of requests here on the forums?  Obviously, channel requests via your method are NOT working, nor does anyone from COX ever give a "real reason" or explanation of why Cox will NOT add OANN or admit their political reasoning behind it.

        Which one of these people ( ) would one have to reach out get a real response???

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    I and many others  have asked for this channel for years, I have had ZERO luck in getting any answer's from Cox or OANN. They could drop CNN, it's in financial trouble anyway and ranks well below OANN in the rankings.. It's not the moderators on this forum's fault all they can do is issue a request. It's somebody up stairs holding this back. There have been just too many request to ignore it over that past 5 years.

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    We don't have a date but can submit a channel request on your behalf. Simply email your full name and address to

    Jonathan J
    Cox Moderator
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      @Hoosier17, Thanks for the suggestion. I have submitted this request to our video team on your behalf. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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    MEH..they just were banned from youtube for misinformation aka lies. #tinfoil