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6 years ago

No Screen 'Picture in Picture' in Program Guide

We recently switched from two older HD-DVR boxes to a Contour 6 HD-DVR plus Contour HD Receiver.

Mostly it is an improvement (Greater recording capacity, access to all recorded programs from both boxes, voice search, apps built into boxes)

There are a few things I don't like on the new boxes but the most annoying is that the program guide covers the entire screen; you no longer get the box in the corner showing the current program.  I turned the guide transparency all the way down to '1' but you still can't follow the program while in the guide.

Is there some setting I do not know about; or could Cox add this option?

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    Navigating within the Program Guide on Contour is worst than Rovi.  With the Rovi guide, you could use the A key to jump ahead 100 channels per click.  With the Contour guide, you can only jump ahead 4 channels.

    Contour also dropped the ability to "direct dial" into a specific on-demand directory.  For example, with Rovi, I could press 2-9-0-3 to directly dial into the directory for HBO/Series HD/Series D-E.  I'd rather direct dial than navigate or speak.

    Last Channel.  With the Rovi remote, you could press one key to return to the last-viewed channel.  With the Contour remote, you have to press at least 3 keys to return to the last channel.  Somebody should have included a simple Last channel button on the remote.

    Closed Captioning.  There is also no simple key...or at least non-functioning launch CC on the Contour remote.

    HDMI-2, -3, etc.  I still haven't figured the TV Input button on the remote.  It launches the screen to select another video input to my TV, but the Up and Down arrows on the Contour remote don't allow you to move up or down to select anything.  Perhaps another user has figured it.

    TV Caller ID.  If my Cox phone service worked, I could review the Caller ID with Contour.  However, it seems to have limited preferences:  either on or off.  The following options are no longer available:  changing the banner duration and viewing your Call History Log.

    Image Resolution.  My TV has a feature to display the resolution of the current program.  For example, with Rovi, I could press the TV button and then the Info button on the remote to display the current image resolution (720p, 1080i, etc).  I can no longer launch this feature with the Contour remote.

    It seems Voice Control has replaced a lot of the useful features of Rovi; however, Voice Control is a disturbance...especially to those wanting to "rest" their eyes before starting some yard work.

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    Found it!  Problem solved.

    Press the right navigation arrow and an abbreviated program guide shows in the right 1/3 of the screen with the left 2/3 of the screen showing the program you are watching. 


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      Sounds great and thanks for updating the forum with resolution.

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      Ah, a secret becomes exposed!  Thanks.  Press the Arrow again, and  you'll get a guide for the current channel.

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    Thank you for your feedback. We love hearing how we can make our product better. This is really helpful for our product team… thank you! -Crystal A. Cox Forum Moderator