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5 years ago

No Coax?

Traditionally, Coax was needed at every 'drop' for COX T.V. Now, (new home) there is no need. There's a mini-box, that uses a regular power cord, and connects to the T.V. via HDMI. I love this technology, but know nothing about it!

Does anyone know the RFC #, or the underlying technology associated with this product? I'm assuming its over WiFi as the modem/router in one is the only device in the house connected to coax and the other 4 boxes are not. 

Been looking online for it, but anything is just product outlines for new customers. 

Thanks in advance.

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    I was distracted by "new home" and "mini box" because I think I was way off.

    If you were referring to the Wireless 4K Contour Stream Player...

    1.  The wall coax connects to the Panoramic WiFi router
    2.  The Panoramic WiFi router would "pair" (wirelessly) with the Wireless 4K Contour Stream Player
    3.  The Wireless 4K Contour Stream Player connects to TV

    A couple of caveats:

    - You must rent the wireless router (Panoramic) from Cox
    - Your TV viewing (Cox lineup) might count against your monthly 1 TB data cap.  Of course a moderator would need to clarify.

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      live tv and on-demand content does not count toward data usage. only third-party apps like netflix, amazon prime, tubi, etc count toward the data usage.

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    You currently have the Mini Box?

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    If you have coax connected to the outside of your opposed to the newer fiber...your Mini Box will connect to coax cable.

    The outside coax will connect (drop) to a wall outlet inside your living room.  If you subscribe to Internet and TV, you'll need 3 segments of coax cable for your living room.

    1.  You'll connect Coax-1 to the wall plate
    2.  On the other end of Coax-1, you'll connect a splitter
    3.  The splitter will have at least 2 outputs
    4.  You'll connect Coax-2 to one of the outputs and to your Internet modem (DOCSIS)
    5.  You'll connect Coax-3 to the other output and to your Mini Box

    If you have 4 cable boxes in other rooms, each box will connect to the coax drop in each room.

    Your house has only 1 coax connected to it.  Somewhere between that outside connection and your living room, there's a splitter to divide the signal for each room (drops).  That splitter is probably behind the wall outlet in your living room.  If you remove its cover plate, there's probably a 4-output splitter behind it.  That splitter connects all rooms to that outside connection.

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    It sounds like your referring to the IP 4 k wireless cable boxes There is a Cox Support article for the wireless receiver; however, it doesn't offer any troubleshooting information: Wireless 4K Contour Stream Players allow for viewing TV in rooms without a cable outlet. It's used with the Technicolor CGM4141gateway Let us know if this helps?

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