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6 years ago

No APP launchpoint on Tivo Bolt for Cox On Demand

I have been a Cox subscriber since March 2018.  The Cox On Demand launchpoint has never appeared on my Tivo Bolt.  I have followed all the troubleshooting suggestions on both the Cox and Tivo webpages.  Cox Support claims at different times that CableCard is not supported for On Demand, or that it's a Tivo problem.  Today they claim that On Demand isn't available on my CableCard.  When I signed up for Cox service, the sales person told me that On Demand is supported for Tivo Bolt.  It has never worked for me.  They claim that Contour is the only way to have On Demand, but Cox website says they do.

What do I need to do to get this working?

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    We like to take a closer look please email your full name and address to

    Cox Moderator