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5 years ago

NHL Center Ice

We had NHL Center Ice through a satellite provider before,  When we went to Cox, of course we got Center Ice again.  Before, we always had the option of watching the broadcasts from the announcers both the home and away teams, unless it was being broadcast on one of the national stations like ESPN or ABC.  I am a Capitals fan and always seem to get my announcers, maybe because of our location  but my husband is a Red WIngs fan and for his games we seem to get the announcers for the home team so if Wings are playing in Nashville, we only get Nashville.  The actual description of NHL Center Ice is you get all games (with exception of the national broadcasts) and your choice of watching home team.  Why is Cox charging us full price for Center Ice yet not giving us the full package?  I would like the full advertised package that I am paying for. We called several times last year about this issue and no one had an explanation, some did a "reset" of our box, which we did to humor them but of course that didn't help because the broadcasts aren't being provided.  Any solutions?

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    Hello, I understand it can be frustrating to pay a lot of money and still not have access to all of your favorite games. Unfortunately, I do not believe this issue can be resolved through troubleshooting. Here is a link to the NHL website, which provides information on sports blackouts in your area:

    During specific days and times, certain national sports rights holders have exclusive television rights for distributing games. Blackout restrictions are designed to protect the television rights holder in each participating team's home markets. Blackout restrictions are at the sole discretion of the sports organization and broadcasters. In other words, the networks and their contractual obligations make that choice, not Cox. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator