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New contour sound issue

Got an updated contour box last week when we upgraded services. It will appear to work fine until you cycle through inputs. The series of events below will illustrate the issue.

1. Turn TV and box on 

2. Cable feed works fine all the way around.

3. Decide to cycle input to HDMI 3 to watch Roku fine

4. Now decide to cycle back around to HDMI 1 to watch regular cable feed.... NO SOUND... picture fine...but no sound.

5. Cycle on to HDMI 3 again and Netflix has sound just fine

6. Cycle around to HDMI 1 and continue to have no sound.

7. Unplug HDMI cable from back of box...plug back in and shazam!....sound is back on HDMI 1

8. Repeat cycling around again and the sound is again gone when getting back to HDMI 1

I called Cox and the guy came out... was perplexed....switched out the box. Seemed to work fine for a few it's back

I even tried a new HDMI cable to no avail.

Also...the older contour box never had this problem...

Any Ideas?

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  • Hi Shawnzo,

    This sounds like a possible HDMI handshake issue. Digital components connected via HDMI use a copy protection system called HDCP. When components are switched on or connected, they talk to each other via the HDMI cable, verify the HDCP, and then display the picture. This verification process is commonly referred to as the "HDMI handshake."

    HDCP handshake issues can be caused by HDMI cables that have damaged pins or when the cable does not conform to the correct HDMI specifications. Testing another HDMI cable is usually our first recommendation, so I'm glad you tried that already. HDMI handshake issues may also occur from a poor connection. Make sure that the HDMI cable fits securely in its port and that there are no sharp bends in the cable.

    Make sure you are allowing enough time for the HDMI renegotiation process. Switching inputs, waiting for at least 10 seconds, and switching back to the HDMI input is usually enough to reestablish a good HDMI handshake.

    Are you using an audio receiver or home theater/surround sound system? You may need a firmware update to sort out the HDMI port timing. Make sure your TV and all of your audio equipment have the latest firmware. The manufacturers of your TV and audio equipment are good sources of information and assistance with HDMI handshake issues.