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7 years ago


New here.  Saw an add last night saying Contour customers now get Netflix....  Is this true, and if so what do I need to do to watch their movies?

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  • Hi Shanell,

    The link provided will assist with your inquiry:

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    You still have to pay for it. You will need a Netflix subscription.

    It only saves you the expense/trouble of buying an Apple TV, Roku, Firestick, etc. etc. etc.

    Many/most "smart TVs" have a Netflix app as well.

    I find Apple TV the best way to watch Netflix. The tiny, minimal remote is sweet! It has voice response, and a trackpad. The trackpad is the best part, because with the better apps (and Netflix is one of the better apps) you can easily "scrub" to find go forward/back, and you see thumbnails to help.

    Netflix on Contour does give you an "all in one place" experience, if that floats your boat.

    I see that "data usage policies will apply". Which means you don't get a free ride on your Internet monthly quota. I've never had an issue with monthly quota, though. You would have to have a LARGE family of heavy Internet users who are content-hoarders (Downloading movies with Tor, etc.) to exceed the quota.

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    Hi, let us know should you have any further questions - we're here to help! Thanks, 

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    As the replies to your question will attest, viewing Netflix via Contour *will* require the additional fee of a paid Netflix subscription, and viewing content there *will* be added to your monthly data use.

    If watching Netflix is something you're considering, I would strongly recommend buying an external streaming device (your choice: Apple TV, Amazon, Chromecast or Roku).

    If you DO make that decision and can connect that device with ethernet cables I would also recommend buying a streaming device that has an ethernet port. This will provide a much more stable connection than WiFi.

    I am a Netflix subscriber who views it along with Hulu and Amazon titles through a Roku with an ethernet port. I gave up after a couple of attempts to watch Netflix via Cox Contour. It loads much too slow for me. Frustratingly slow. Compared to Contour, we're literally talking tortoise and hare.