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Netflix streaming dropping, says my internet is out and then I have to reset box. I have been having internet issues for several weeks. Cox won’t help. They keep saying to check my connections.

After they said to check my connections for like the fourth time, I replaced the splitter with an identical part and also the coax cable between the splitter and wall.  Things seemed better but now they are bad again.  While watching Netflix, the service has dropped 3-4 times in two hours. The checking for issue feature keeps saying my internet connection is the issue.  Is it true that a bad internet router could cause Netflix to drop? I am so aggravated with this issue.  

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    What model modem/router/gateway do you have? Do you just have a issue with Netflix on the Contour box or with the website too?

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    I know this is a hassle, but have you tried deleting your Netflix app and reinstalling a current version. Old software causes more problems than you think.

    You said noting about any other part of your service or apps is the reason I am going here.

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    Are you using WiFi, or ethernet? Do other devices drop off the internet at the same time, or JUST the netflix?