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7 months ago

Need Wi-Fi for Cabled TV?

A relative had a very simple Cox setup: one cabled TV plus a basic modem for internet and phone.  We wanted to add a TV cable box in another room.  Got one from the Cox store and followed the basic p...
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    7 months ago

    Thanks for the replies.  Using the help email address provided (where is this on the Cox site?), Cox reps explained that "some" boxes require Panoramic Wi-Fi so as to support MoCA and IPTV capabilities.  These basically turn your coax connections into an ethernet, albeit with an adapter. 

    So you need Wi-Fi to control your cabled connections.  Crazy.

    That said, I didn't need one of "those" boxes - just a basic one with a coax signal in and HDMI out to a TV.   Apparently the other box in the house was one such, but Cox just couldn't find another one even the box was "hard wired" for cable.