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2 years ago

Need to pair XR11 in RF, but no instructions are working

Just got the Contour box today. Doesn’t look anything like what is on the website. It is mostly square with a single vertical light line on the right. Looks like an older box. That being said, I was supposed to get voice remote service as part of set up. Tech said he could not get it to work while he was here, but give it about an hour and it should work. Six hours and two chat attempts later, I can not get the remote to pair in RF, nor does the voice remote work. If I try to use the remote set up function, the screen says the remote IS set up in voice mode, but it does not work, AND the “scanning for devices” part of the remote set up never completes. My concern is that I have been given an older box with a problem or that does not support voice remote function. When I press the microphone button, I immediately get a red light on the top of the remote, and no voice command acceptance or response.The remote will only work if pointed directly at the box, and any button pushed gives a red light on the remote (IR indicator), not green (RF indicator). How do I know which Contour box I got, how do I get the remote into RF mode, and why is this so darn difficult? I have tried unpairing using the Set Up button and then 981, but even unpairing seems to fail. I have removed batteries, reinstalled new batteries, unplugged the box, done a system refresh and so on. Oh, and I have two of these remotes and neither one will pair in RF nor work with voice remote function. Help?