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7 months ago

Need new Tuning Adapter for Tivo?

I have a bit of a frustrating situation.  The Tuning Adapter (Motorola) that we have for our Tivo + CableCard setup has stopped working.  It continually flashes the yellow/amber front light, which is apparently somewhat common. The Tivo no longer "sees" the TA according to the menu, and some channels no longer work (as I understand it these are the Switched Digital Video ones).  Many channels do still work, including premium ones - all under ch 100 work, above ch 100 it is more random. So I know the CableCard and Tivo are successfully paired, etc and that the issue is indeed with the TA.

I have called the CableCard tech support line twice (877-820-8202), but have not yet gotten any real resolution.  The first time the tech concluded that the TA was probably "defective and needed to be replaced, and scheduled a tech visit.  But the tech completely ghosted us with no call or notification that they were cancelling the appt.  Argh!!!  Extremely infuriating! (This is not surprising since both the field techs and store staff in this area know nothing about Tivos, CableCards, etc)

The second time a different tech said she was"pretty sure" we needed to replace our TA with a different model from Vecima.  I have seen this referenced in other forum posts - both here and on - and understand it is necessary in some areas due to cable system changes which are rolling out in different areas (DOCSIS upgrades, high split converter, etc).  The tech transferred me to someone else to order one, who transferred me again - and neither even knew what a TA was, much less could order one.  This is extremely frustrating.

We have received no proactive communication from Cox that we need a new type of TA due to any system changes. Given that, I frankly don't know whether to believe the tech support agent or not that we need the new Vecima TA.

My question is:  Is there anyone at Cox or elsewhere who knows? I.e. some docs on which areas are getting the upgrades and when? Or who at least knows how to find this out?  Is there some technical info buried in the Tivo diagnostic menus that might shed light?

Geographically, we are in the Fort Smith, Arkansas area.

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  • Hello, I am very sorry you have not had the best experience with Cox. I understand how important communication and reliable service is. We value your business, and I would be happy to help. Please email us your full name and complete address at for further assistance. Thank you!

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    I think support for CC is slowly dying as Cox phone support is outsourced in different departments. It started when the FCC stopped requiring providers to support CC. See FAQ here for confirmation.  I don't have any experience with Tivo/CC except the basics on how to pair them on Cox's end. This sounds more like a problem with mid-split and the new TA. I will be following. Good luck!

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    This is a known issue at Cox with a UNO #. I see that I can dig it out. I know I wrote it down somewhere. 

    The VECIMA tuning adapter received an "upgrade" that had the side effect of not being able to get the digitally switched channels. 

    I had this issue since the beginning of November and am paying for services I am not getting. I finally was able to get the loyalty department to at least credit me for the non existent channels.

    At this point I might just cancel COX, and find a cheaper solution that gives me channels I am paying for. 

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      Hello. I recommend sending us an email with your full name, address, and a brief description of this issue to