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5 years ago

Music Choice Play

Why did Cox drop the Music Choice Play Video channel?

Was it just Cox or did Music Choice discontinue it for all providers.

I had it on in the background all the time and really miss having the channel.

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    Hello, we understand it can be frustrating losing some of your favorite channels. As Andrew stated, this decision was not made by Cox. Channel lineup decisions are generally left up to the broadcasters, and here is some additional information:

    We still offer more than 50 commercial-free Music Choice channels. -Kevin
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      Thanks for the response, Too bad, Music Choice Play had the best playlists and was the only 24/7 Video Music Channel, so sad to see it gone, :-(

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    Is this something different from the Contour Music Choice application?  It's a collection of music videos that's still available.

    Menu > Interactive Services > Music Choice > Launch