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4 years ago

MOCA automatically disables itself daily

I am posting here because Cox technical support has been unable to fix this issue. Immediately after upgrading my gateway and cable box to Cox panoramic wifi, the TV began loosing connectivity one or more times per day. I get internet, TV, and phone service from Cox. A couple of service visits and a couple of phone calls to technical support have not changed the situation. They got to the point of telling me that "it is a known problem and do not know how to fix it." The MOCA disables itself. I have to log in to admin account of router to manually enable the MOCA to regain TV service. Hours later, or the next day, I have to do it again.

Any thoughts about how Cox can resolve this issue?

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    @Mike OB

    Are you using a wired or wireless cable box?

    Jonathan J
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      Thanks for responding. The cable box is connected to the Counter Gateway by a coax cable.

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        @MIKE OB

        Because you have a wired Contour box, and your MoCA is disabling itself, I would recommend getting the modem swapped out.

        Ben S.
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