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5 years ago

Mini Box Power Supply Too Thick

I mounted TV on wall today and have the largest spacers.

The mini box power adapter is too thick to fit behind my TV after I plug into thinest power strip or extension cord.

Are there other options for the adapter.

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  • Are you saying that the EPS-1 adapter needs to fit into an power strip that sits behind the TV? Yup, it's definitely going to be a problem, or is it some other configuration.

    On another issue, I and a few others cannot post any clipboard or other images like yours, to this reply box.  Cox tells us that this is not possible, at least for selected areas.  I'm in SoCal and using Win Firefox.  So Cox, how do some of this posters get to do I missing something.  In the Insert pulldown below, I cannot even do a file insert...bummer!  I can copy/paste text and URL's.

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      @Ekhawaii, is this happening on multiple browsers or is this happening with Google Chrome only? Please ensure your device's operating system is up-to-date:

      When you click on "insert," under "Insert image/video/file," do you see "File Upload" under the "From" portion of the window that pops up? -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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    Hi Allenga, unfortunately, we do not have smaller power adaptors available for the minibox at this time. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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    Power adapters are the bane to concealment.  No matter how thorough you plan, you'll always be confronted with a thicker "wall wart."

    Where will you place the Mini Box...near the TV on a shelf?

    Who made the TV mount?

    You'll need to check the manufacturer's website for a shelf designed for wire management.  Not just wire management but wire management designed to easily manage wires.  For example, would I need to remove everything from the shelf to access its power strip?

    There are basically 2 schools-of-thought:  conceal all coiled wires near the TV or conceal all uncoiled wires to/from the TV.  Sometimes the coiled option only works with ceiling mounts.

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    so the power receptacle is up on the wall instead of near the floor?? 

    not to be rude but it's not really a cox problem.