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4 years ago

Lost Shows on Cox Contour Cable Box

Last night my Cox Contour box froze, and I had to force it to shut down. The screen went blank and the power switch would not shut it off.  I held the power button down for a few minutes, then it went into a reboot.    When it came back on, I lost almost everything that was recorded on the DVR, it went from around 60% full to 4%.  I rebooted it a couple of times, and checked it again today. it's still at 4%.  I talked to tech support a little while ago, and she said she has never heard about this problem.  I'm going to exchange this box for a new one this weekend. 


San Clemente CA

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    Same thing happened to me today- but no freezing before???

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      @Jru1, Are you able to record shows at this time? Also, does the cable box make any unusual clicking sounds? -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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    @ Fastmover,

    It's possible the DVR hard drive is gone. Are you able to still record and view what's been recorded?

    Jonathan J
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    I have been getting this problem quite a few times.   Mostly in the morning.  I would try running something on my DVR or delete and it would just lock.   I try to do the reset box through calls and online and nothing after about 15 minutes.  So I do the old unplug, wait 5 seconds, and plug back in my box.  Every time I do that I lose at least a day or 2 worth of recordings. 

    I would like to get rid of my Contour HD Box Serial: SACDQBDWC from at least 7 years ago but I have so much on my DVR I don't want to lose it.   Still wish there was a way to copy old DVR to new DVR

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      Hi @Hammerva,

      I know how frustrating it is when your DVR is not working properly. It definitely sounds like you need to get your DVR swapped out. If you have one of our Panoramic Wifi Modems you may be able to get the CloudDVR which will allow your recordings to be saved in the cloud instead of locally on the DVR harddrive.

      Ben S.
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        Just curious if I get the Panoramic WIFI could I use the Cloud DVR on my current DVR box or do I have to get Panoramic WIFI AND a new DVR box to work with it.

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    Just an observation.

    Aside from the cost of the service and rental fees, it seems DVR service isn't as profitable as it could be.

    How much more is Cloud DVR vs. Traditional?
    What's the rental fee for a Cloud-capable box?
    What does a WiFi router have to do with recording a TV show?  I don't know but it appears you also need to rent the Panoramic router for Cloud DVR.
    Does watching Cloud-recorded programs count against data caps?  If I watch a Cloud-recorded program 3 times, would it take 3 chunks out of my data cap?
    Is there a data cap on storage?  What happens if I exceed it?
    What taxes, fees and surcharge apply to Cloud DVR service, Cloud storage, renting a Cloud box, Panoramic router, etc?

    It just seems like there are more and more add-ons and fees for just 1 service.