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Lost DVR recordings after daily updates.

Today I noticed I lost 5 recordings after the daily update I have set for 2-4pm, everything I recorded from thursday to sunday morning except for 1, my older recordings are still on there, 21 of them. I have the coutour 2 system.  There not even in the deleted items section.  New recordings are being recorded tonight.  Not sure why I lost these recordings.  I have even rebooted the 3 boxes we have the main one 1st then the 2 smaller ones.

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    Hello, how much recording space do you have on your DVR system? We allow up to 250 hours of HD content. Are all of the receivers missing recordings as well? If this issue persists, the best course of action would be to replace the DVR receiver, as this may indicate a possible hardware malfunction and/or issue with the hard-drive itself. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator