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2 years ago

LG magic remote and Cox cable box

I have an LG smart TV with the Magic Remote and a Cox DVR.  I recently had to get a new DVR and ever since the TV and VCR turn off at the same time, but when I turn on the TV a message comes up requiring me to turn on the cable box separately. I never had this before; they always came on at the same time before, or maybe the DVR was always on; I don't know.  Otherwise the remote works fine with the DVR.  Anyway, is there any way to set the remote so this doesn't happen?  Not a big deal but sort of a PITA,  Thanks...

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  • Hi, Prairieschooner. I'm sorry about the remote issue. If you walk back through the setup for your remote on the DVR, it may "find" the TV feature and resync. Use the remove to access setup and go to the right at the bottom where the cog is located. Press Enter. Choose Remote Settings and Vioce Remote pairing. Walk through the process and let us know if that helps. -Chris