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5 years ago

LAST"button on remote no longer works correctly with YouTube, need a fix

This feature use to work, still works on another tv in the same home, just not on the tv with the main conture box , tried resetting the box, tried restarting the box, please help.

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  • Hello Djoseph,

    Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to help. I would check to see if you are signed into your YouTube account. For example if you are watching something on the app and suddenly switch to live TV, then attempting to access last?


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      I was signed in, i even tried signing out and resetting the app, signed back in, no change, last button still not working correctly.

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        Djoseph, if you are using a Contour Voice remote, each remote is paired individually to one cable box. Please try a fresh set of batteries, then unpair and re-pair the remote to the cable box. If you have other TV's/cable boxes nearby that also use Contour Voice Remotes turn them off while pairing. Here is a link with information about pairing the XR 11 remote: Please let us know if this helps.

        Thank you,

        Mike J.
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