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5 years ago

Kindly Requesting OANN Network be added to the Ch. Lineup

Reading the forums OANN has been requested for 2 - 3 yrs.. It would seem your paying customers are requesting a service that is being overlooked but not by the competition. All the other local carriers have it. Cox your being left behind , and your customers are not being heard.

You can find One America News Network on the national providers:
AT&T U-verse – 208 (SD) and 1208 (HD)
CenturyLink PRISM – 208 (SD) and 1208 (HD)
DirecTV – 347
GCI – 64 (SD) and 703 (HD)
Verizon FiOS – 116 (SD) and 616 (HD)

You can also find OAN in your area on these local providers:

Here is where else you can find OAN in Virginia.
CSI Digital AKA MidAtlantic Broadband in Newport News - Military Bulk on Ch. 55

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    I'll go ahead and submit a programming request on your behalf, thanks for sharing. -Chris