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7 years ago

Just 2 channels poor db levels/stuttering


I have Cox TV service in Omaha. I have Motorola DCH3416 boxes. Just 2 channels (1340 SHO and 1300 HBO) tend to stutter or block up when it is windy, or possibly when temps are below about 20 degrees F. Also, the inband status db reading on the boxes' diagnostic menus for those 2 channels often read fair or poor when there is wind or temps below 20 degrees, even if the channels aren't stuttering. The inband status db reading for the other channels read good, and there is no stuttering on the other channels. (My cable internet is not affected either.) ALL my boxes do this, so I can't see how it could be the box. They do it in all the rooms I tested them in, so it isn't just one outlet. I made sure the box is connected directly to the wall with no splitters, and also tried swapping out the cable from the wall to the box. Problem remained.

I went outside (when it wasn't windy or cold and the inband db status read good for those 2 channels) and swayed the coax wire attached to my house from the pole, and jiggled all the coax wires and connections on the outside of my house to see if that would reproduce the problem. (Since it seems to be caused by wind.) Had someone else monitor the readings while I did this. I could not reproduce the problem. 

Does it sound like it may be a problem with Cox's lines on the poles, or something else on Cox's end? The reason I hesitate to report it is I don't want the boxes with my DVR recordings swapped out, when I can't see how it could be the box. I've also already tried swapping the cable to the wall, etc., and don't really want to move the junk out of the way again just so the tech can double check what I've already checked (inside). And of course it is a given that there will be no issues at the time the tech comes.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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  • CRTLover,

    Thanks for sharing your findings and taking some steps at home. We certainly want to get to the bottom of the issue and determine where it's happening. If you'd like us to reserve a field technician appointment to further diagnose where the issue is happening, then please contact us by phone 1-402-933-3000 24/7 or email us at