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7 years ago

Is there anyway to program buttons on COX universal remote?

I have a URC 8820 Cox remote and a samsung smart TV.  Is there anyway to program a button to do the SMART HUB function?  I've pressed all the buttons and none of them call the HUB button, but everything else works.

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  • There isn't a way to program that onto the Cox remote, but there might be a work around that will open the smart hub screen without having to use your Samsung remote. I'm not certain if this is applicable on all Samsung smart TV's, but on mine I can press the TV button on the URC 8820 remote and then hit the menu button. This will bring up the same menu that you would see using the Samsung remote and then from there I press up once and hit select (I believe this section will now say Support). Under that section there will be the option for Smart hub that you can select and it will load just as if you pressed the smart hub button on the Samsung remote. My TV is from 2014/15ish, so the menu may be different if yours is newer.