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7 years ago

Is my Tuning Adapter bad or my TiVo (with stats)?

Hi there, I have had Cox out numerous times to try and fix some signal issues as they said I had a weak signal from the street to the house, but from street to colo it was fine. The finally hooked up a booster but my cable signal never improved but my internet signal did. The booster affected the cable to where it is now pixelating terribly.

Cable was fine before the booster but signal has never been above 70%, and it is now down to 67%.

I have attached some info to try see if someone can verify that the Tuner Stats are within range and acceptable as I know the TiVo's is not. I am close to buying a new TiVo but want to be sure.

Tuner:147.000 MHZ

FDC: 75.5MHZ



FDC: -9dbmv

RDC: 50 dbMv

FDC: 0/Sec

RDC: 561 uSec

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  • Hi Hannie. We can certainly assist you but will you to email us this information along with the name and address on the account to to get help. Thanks, Lisa - Cox Support Forums Moderator