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6 years ago

Is it possible to purchase a season of "The Big Bang Theory," rather than individual shows from On Demand

I would like to purchase older seasons of "The Big Bang Theory," rather than individual shows. I can get the show from Amazon, but it would be more convenient from my Contour box if I could purchase the entire season rather than individual shows, which is fairly expensive.

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    Cox on-demand?  Those shows should be free.

    Update:  Never mind.  I see the problem.  It's been on for 10 years but there are only 6 episodes on-demand.

    I wonder if you could install the CBS app to your smart device?

    Update 2:  Never mind.  The CBS All-Access app only has 5 episodes.

    This is strange.

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    Hi CWL,

    Thank you for your feedback. If a TV season is available for purchase, there will be an option to buy the season right below the option to buy the episode. Availability of TV season for purchase or for rental on Cox On Demand is subject to agreements with our programming partners.

    Cox Support Forums Moderator