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7 years ago

Is Contour 2 worth the change?

I tried the original Contour a couple of years ago and it was completely useless (in all honesty it stunk!). Never worked 100%.  Had several service calls and could not be resolved.  Went back to normal individual DVR Boxes and had to fight Cox to not charge me a service fee to remove equipment that never worked.  Can see in the forum several other comments on not working properly. 

Interested to hear if newer version is working better

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    There's good and bad in my opinion.  Bad: First, the old DVRs are getting old, they are all refurbs and die quickly, so soon, Contour will be all there is.  Second, Pandora was replaced with iHeart, not as good.  Good: (again, my opinion, and have been using Cox DVRs since they first offered them) integrated Netflix, DVR playlists, pretty much everything else!  The voice command is pretty much excellent - makes is very easy to reprogram if you have to get a new box.  Whole house DVR is nice too, no extra charge except for the mini-DVR client boxes.  You don't know me from Adam, but compared to the original Contour, I think Contour 2 is leaps and bounds better.

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    My most recent Contour box died after getting it less than a year ago.  Maybe 9 month.  Before that I had to change 2 other boxes.  My frustration level this time was through the roof.  Again, all recorded shows - gone.  I really home they figure out a way to transfer data to a new box.  Mine was on "BOOT" for over a month.  I don't watch TV often but I record the shows for when I have time to watch them.

    So, I just swapped to the new Contour box.  Will update forum after installation. 

    Three boxes returned in less than 2 years.

    @JamesScott Thanks for the encouraging comment about this new box.

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    Thanks for the feedback. The whole house dvr was a complete failure when we first tried the original contour.  Glad to hear v2 is better

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    love the six record feature i like to see netflix billed to cox cable bill but other then that love it wish there was more space iheart radio was a awsome add on i have no issues except the netflix shows up as free shows at times drives me nuts like to see pandora plus and youtube i personally like how the box streams better then the TV and its internet connected in my house wifi not that great walls interfere with signal so i like the box better but thats my option