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7 years ago

Inconsistent Pricing

I would love for someone to explain why I called 6 different times to get my yearly promotions looked at and I got 6 different prices on my monthly bill. And remarkedly the bill went up EACH time. I do not uhderstand why i have to get a different price when I have made NO changes to a single service in years. Because of all the different stories and an agent turning off some of my services - which I DID NOT request - and then an attempt to charge me for this mistake, I have had to make an abundance of phone calls.

The call made last week could not give me a bottom line price due to the paper work needing to be done and completed elsewhere. So today I see my bill online is higher than what I was previously quoted and guess what, when I called in to ask why it was not the same - this agent quoted me and even HIGHER monthly bill.

I do not understand how Cox cannot be more competitive with the other companies.

I'm tired of this nonsense and looking into something else that could meet my needs.

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  • Hi Kris234,

    This forum is primarily intended for the discussion of a technical issue among peers. Billing and account issues require the sharing of sensitive information to resolve which isn't best suited for a public forum. Please email us at with this post, your full name and complete address.