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2 years ago

Inappropriate On Demand charge

A couple weeks ago I saw The Super Mario Brother's movie listed on my Contour player. I clicked on it and saw the listed price of $24.99 and immediately decided that wasn't worth it to watch at home so we packed up the family and went to the theater to see it. I didn't purchase the movie, and I for sure did not watch the movie which I feel like they should be able to check. Now when my bill comes I have a charge for the movie listed from On Demand. I spent awhile on a live chat with a rude customer support agent who basically told me to *** it up and pay it. He just kept saying they can't reverse On Demand charges. I understand that as a policy, but there has to be some way to deal with errors like this.

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    If you have ever had a movie charge reversed, then that;'s it. No more than 1, unless there are certain circumstances involved. Put a PIN number on your cable box so that movies cannot be purchased without it, or call cox and have them put a block on your account so you can't purchase movies. 

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    I think the unwritten rule is you need to contact Cox within the run time of the movie for credit. That is because there is no technical way to proof you didn't watch it. You might be able to contact and ask them but I am not sure they do billing.

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      I’m pretty sure their system can track that, but I hear what you’re saying. The problem is I didn’t know about it until weeks later when the bill came.