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2 years ago

Inability of Cox to fix tuning adapter problems rebooting after THREE MONTHS

This ongoing problem is due to Cox sending tuning adapters different signals than they were in the past and Cox will not admit that they are most likely NOT going to fix this issue screwing their customers who own TiVo's or other equipment.  In addition to ruining many of the programs that I have chosen to record, it also stops any live viewing on any channel. 

Why then will Cox not allow credits to my account for failing to provide dependable, or any, service for over $100 a month that I am forced to pay. Cox is not a reputable company to do business with.  Their record of fixing this issue proves this. If you are considering leaving, please do.

Let's see what Allan has to say about this BS.  Tickets have been filed, Every person I have spoken with has wanted to send out a tech but Cox in Phoenix does NOT support tuning adapters or cable cards forcing customers to replace equipment at their stores. Unfortunately, for the rebooting issue, replacing equipment WILL NOT fix the issue!!!!!!!

Give me credit where credit is due while I put up with all this **

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  • @Desert Rat,

    I realize how frustrating this ongoing tuning adapter issue has been and our engineers are still working on resolving the issue. I am truly sorry for any inconvenience that this issue may have caused.

    Cox Support Forums Moderator