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3 years ago

I'm in Las Vegas and channel 6 (CW) and channel 12 (MYTV) are not correct.

Cox cable is sending over the wrong channels for CW (6) and MYTV (12)  I have  called them 2 times and had a tech come to my home. They know nothing about this. All of my neighbors are having the same problem too, so I know it is a Cox cable network problem. Does anyone know anything about this please?  This has been going on for about 4 days now. 3 tvs have cable. 2 cable cards (tivo) and 1 mini contour box. All of them are getting the wrong channel. For CW I have a few shows that record, and they actually are correct when it records! BUT in the afternoon if I try to go to CW (6), it shows me Comet channel. MYTV (12) was showing a news channel the first couple days and then a sports channel the last couple days. 

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  • Hi Sarajo, Sinclair Broadcasting, the owner of multiple channels nationwide, was hacked a week ago. Programming on Sinclair-owned channels has been impacted as a result, and networks are filling in the schedule as best they can. Sinclair is still working to restore scheduled programming and live newscasts in many areas. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      Thank you so much Becky, I just needed to know something about this problem. What you told me makes total sense, I just hope Sinclair can get it fixed quickly. 

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    This is a user forum.  No one here will be able to help you with receiving the wrong channels.  You should contact Cox at  Include your fullname, the service address and a link to this forum thread.