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5 years ago

I just got a new tv and my cable is not connecting. Am I missing something?

I have the HDMI1 plugged into tv and cable box. My source is on HDMI1. Everything is connected exactly the same, but the cable is not coming on my tv. The box itself is on.

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    Verify the TV is tuned to the proper channel for cable access (3 or 4).

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    Hello MzLowe. I know how frustrating that can be. Let's run through some basics so that we can get you relaxing and enjoying your shows. Please make sure that the coaxial cable is running from the wall or the splitter to the box in the space that says "from wall" on the box, the HDMI cord sounds like it is in the correct place, from the box to the TV in the space on the box that says "to TV", and then the power cord on the box to an electrical outlet. Please make sure the all connections are finger tight and I see that you have already checked the input. If you continue to have issues with setting up your new box, please email us at

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