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6 years ago

I have the Contour 2 with voice remote XP11-RF. The remote's TV Input button works on the TV's HDMI port but does not play anything connected to the USB ports.

I connect Flash drives with .MP4 movies or photo's to one of my Samsung TV's USB port.  When pressing the TVInput button, I can see the various Inputs (TV, HDMI, my Cox, and my flash drive USB).  I can move the cursor across the screen and the HDMI or TV will play.  However, when I select the attached flash drive by pressing OK, I get the Contour screen instead of viewing the USB drive contents.  I end up having to use the Samsung's remote to activate the USB.  I'm not sure if my previous older DVR ever had this ability to open USB (don't remember trying).  Just curious if anyone tried guess it doesn't work, and never should.  The Samsung remote does, when using the DVR, work for on/off, mute, volume and input.

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    Hi, while I realize it would be wonderful if you're unable to use the Cox remote to operate the USB port on your receiver, however, that outlet isn't a functional feature supported by Cox. If it happens to be usable with your Samsung remote that's how you'd have to utilize that feature. -Carol
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      Yup, not supported by the remote, like a few other items that I read on this forum.  But, unless you don't push buttons, one cannot explore all the functional features that this new Contour2 has.  I was hoping to get away with the TV only remote for my flash.  Let's keep exploring some of the other buttons, like Voice and the A,B,C,D too.  D was neat.