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I have 2 separate Contour 2 boxes but cannot independently schedule different shows for recording. The scheduled shows appear on both boxes, and eventually get recorded

I would like to isolate each box from seeing each other.  The grandkids record on one, and the scheduled shows appear on mine... Is there something on the box Settings, or maybe under Filter that can make each box Private?

When cancelling a scheduled recording, this new Contour does not remove the entry, it leaves it up there with an identifier as "cancelled recording."  Is there a way to permanently remove the entry and clear up screen space?

Also, since the machines are "TIED" together, cancelling an entry, cancels it on the other machine.  The only work around that I see is to let it record, then delete the recorded show...ISOLATING the machines would work the best, unless if the sharing of the box is what you want, then getting a separate "Client" box is better, because it would be cheaper than paying for 2 Contours.

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  • I have a new observation...with the 2 Host Contour 2 boxes this is what I see. 

    - when I identify a show to record on one, it appears under schedule recording on BOTH.

    - when it actually starts recording, the record lite on the box are both Red, both show under schedule recording that there is a recording being done.

    -HOWEVER, when you try to Watch the Recording show, only the box that initiated the record will play back.  The other, even if it indicates a recording being done, gives an error that it cannot find the show, and asks if you want to record.

    Bottom line, scheduled recordings show up on both boxes, as well as all recording indicators, but only the initiating record box actually records and plays back.  Both boxes are "Talking" to each other and passing info (even cancel requests) however only the initiating one actually records.

    COX is coming out...sounds like a hardware filter will be added to try and isolate the 2 boxes so they don't share information...hope..hope

  • As I was searching the COX sites, I came across and this  However, with my Contour 2, with 2 records, I cannot find "Receivers" under the remotes Contour/settings gear icon.  What's going on, looks like the Contour 1 has the function I'm looking for, UGH! 

    Does anyone know if the 6 record DVR offers the "Receivers" option?

    Making the boxes visible/invisible from the rest makes software sense.  The filter that WiderMouthOpen offered could be what will eventually get added to the coax input line...may require 1 for each box..  Will see on Monday.

    A tricky situation is when you want one DVR available to Whole house Client boxes, and one to be stand alone totally.

  • OK, COX tech came out.  FAILED!  Was told that the the Contour 2 box cannot be isolated from each other, UNLESS, a separate line is run to make both systems independent.  Can you believe that.  EVERYone wants whole house sharing, I was told.

    I just thought that being able to isolate the systems using a filter or software switch to make invisible was neat.  The old hardware was able to record just from the TV that it was connected to.

    COX added a MoCA filter to one input line, but it did nothing.  Bummer, just a poor product.  Since none of you out there have made comments, I must be a majority of maybe 1 or 2.

  • Seem like I'm the only one with this issue.  COX tech said never heard this problem, same with the call in Help. 

    As I sit here wondering my next move and testing, I wondered for you users out there with a Contour 2 setup.  What if you are a subscriber to Adult channels and schedule a recording.  Now, all your client and DVR boxes SHOW what is to be recorded.  What do you do, other than unsubscribe, or download to your own computer.  This is not my situation, except to want to separate the kids shows. 

    Now, if the system would at least allow me to record to specific DBR's, even if it Schedule recordings appear on all boxes, that would be fine.  Now when I go to the COX computer site to view channels, I'm able to choose which machine to record to (right now its STB_1 and STB_2).  This option is not available when using the TV Guide/remote.

    Other options would be another box, outside of COX Tivo or something I buy from Amazon.  Not sure what the hookup into the COX network would be.  Maybe Parental Control might have something.  Being able to fix the record to a specific box would do the trick.  Choosing the Guide from a specific box, does not always cause recordings to go there.

    Cannot believe that COX does not have a better solution, since each has a separate MAC address and is seen from the online computer interface.

    So, what do you users do for this.  I'm guessing that you all have no problem with this situation.  Filters or software should be made available or update the box!

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      Hello, thank you for providing this feedback, and I have submitted this to our team in Atlanta that specifically deals with Contour 2 DVR and Guide enhancements. At this time, this feature is not available on our Contour 2 platform. -Kevin
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        Thanks again KevinM2, looks like you've been busy commenting on these many TV issues.  It's strange how Features in one Contour box, is removed when updating to another.  These "removals" never get highlighted on the Update websites.  So, users update, and lose features every so often.  Now I see many things I like about the Contour 2, but it's the broken parts that is so frustrating.  When you ask users to Update, Cox needs to better explain the improvements as well as the removals...sometimes a matrix format of differences can make a big help.