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7 years ago

How to turn News on screensaver off?

The last thing I want is sports stories giving away the results of games on a Contour screensaver on the TV. Is there a way to turn any news feeds off? Or if that isn't possible to stop the screen saver from coming on at all?

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    How do I turn the screensaver off my contour? Thank you

  • Hello kj32,

    The screensaver settings can be found by pressing the Contour button and navigating to Settings (the wheel icon to the right)/Device settings/Screensaver. The screensaver can not be turned off, but you can customize the screensaver you see and how long it takes to come on.

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    can someone fix the "feature" to be turned off  and make it selectable.  It is very irritating coming on. I listen a lot more than watch TV.

  • Wayno55,

    I've shared your feedback with our product team for consideration in future planning.

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    There has to be some way to turn the screen saver off. I did not have a problem with it until about a month or so ago. Before that I did not have a screen saver. It is more then annoying when I am going to be, turn on the TV and have to go through shutting it off. Sometimes I have to hit Exit multiple times before I get it to go off.

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    Yes, there needs to be an OFF selection for Screensavers, just as there is for Powermode!

    I have an elderly parent that I care for and she keeps the tv on overnight as she wakes up frequently, but since she has early Alzheimers she gets very confused and barely knows how to turn the volume up and down on the remote.  I woke up today to find the screensaver on and she didn't know how to turn it off!  This didn't happen with my previous Contour DVR box, but it was swapped out yesterday and this box doesn't give me the selection of OFF.

    This is not good for young children, elderly, or Alzheimer's/Dementia patients.  It may be something the average person can back out of, but a simple OFF selection would make it much easier for everyone!  Please update at your earliest opportunity!