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4 years ago

How to get rid of ads when I turn on the TV

I just signed up for Cox TV and each time I turn on the TV I get the lower half of the screen with ads about free TV programs and other things. I hit exit on the remote and it does nothing.  I've tried other buttons on the remote and they do nothing.  Is is the case you need to just wait 30-45 seconds for it to disappear or can you make it disappear with the remote somehow?

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    Yeah...this banner doesn't look like Cox.

    UPDATE: The Dropbox banner (Sign-up, Sign-In) was blocking the lower portion of the image.   If you right-click and view image, you'll see a Cox logo.  Then again, you'll see other logos as well (Netflix, Prime, Hulu) so perhaps your TV is collecting data from connected sources and apps.

    However, these are my selections in Contour and I never see promotions from Cox.

    Press the Contour button > Settings (gear icon)

     - Preferences > Notifications > Contour TV > Off
     - Preferences > Notifications > Contour TV Tips > Off
     - Remote Settings > Onscreen Voice Suggestions > Off
     - Privacy > Recommendations Based on Watch History > Off
     - Privacy > Personalized Ads in Third-Party Apps > Off