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6 years ago

How to cancel a series recording when there are no upcoming episodes listed

On Contour I could not figure out how to cancel a series recording when there are no upcoming episodes listed.  I tried chat with cox and when they couldn't find the answer they asked for my email and said they would elevated to Tier 2 and have someone email me the answer.  I later figured this out thanks to a post on another cable provider's tech forum.  To delete a series from the Contour series priority list simply scroll down till you are on the series you want to cancel then push the "D" button the Contour remote.  You will then be asked to either Cancel Recording or Keep Recording.  Select Cancel Recording and the series will be deleted from your priortiy list.

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    Hi there valued customer, thanks for the feedback and I'm glad you found the answer. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any further questions or concerns. -Thanks, Carol
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      Why isn't this answer listed in your program guides? 

      Is there a way to manually record a block of time on a particular channel... I would ask for a manual way to record a program but it's not what I really want to do... sometimes programs are switched to another channel. 

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        Hi Aristotle6,

        We currently do not have an option to record a block of time. I will share this recommendation with our Product Development Team.

        Maria L.
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    The "D" doesn't work for me....  Is there a way to change it to letters instead or numbers?


    The best way to cancel unwanted series that have no upcoming episodes is to use the following steps 

    Press the Contour button >Select Saved> Select Scheduled>Press down> Press up> Press right 2 times> Select Series Priorities

    This will pull up the list of series recordings.  highlight the series you want to cancel then press the D button and confirm that you want to delete this series from the list.