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2 years ago

How do we display the clock on the Countour box again

Hello.  I know there are way more important problems with these Countour DVR boxes but I have a question about these newer versions.  I had to replace mine because of the mess with the box not powering up.   So everything is set up but the clock display on the old one isn't there anymore.    Is there a setting that we can put the clock back on the box?  Or show the clock normally on the TV?   I don't know why after having the clock on every single version it isn't shown now.

I at least hope that we get the red light on when we are recording something like all previous versions.

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      I believe it is Technicolor XiD HD Receiver.  The release version is 155.0.1.  

      And I was wrong you dont even see a light showing you are recording.  which is also stupid.  Literally every cable box ever had displays information and NOW you remove it

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        Thanks for the information Hammerva. I will be glad to pass this feedback along regarding removing the display lights and time from the cable box. Thanks, Lisa