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4 years ago

How do I delete a movie from my Contour?

I have purchased a movie that I no longer wish to have on my Contour box.  Right now it is listed under the purchased tab.  I wish to delete it from that screen and from my device.  I have tried the settings - manage devices suggestion and I can get anything to happen.

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  • Hello Dkjjohn,

    Currently there is not an option to delete purchased content. There is an option to lock any content that has been purchased.
    We appreciate your feedback and will forward to our leadership team.


    Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      Thank you for your reply.  While that makes no sense whatsoever, you are the first person to at least give me that information. I chatted with 5 people yesterday who never once gave me that info.

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        The purchase might be associated to your account instead of the cable-box.  Even if you replaced your cable-box, your account info would push your purchase history to the new cable-box.

        You could try sending an email to Cox to clear it from your account.  It might take a few levels of bureaucracy but worth an attempt.

        Send an email to with the following:
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