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7 years ago

how can I turn off the constant audio alerts on the weather channel

when there is a weather alert in our area, even just an alert , an audio alert plays over and over blocking out whatever show is on. very annoying. today is a solution alert. REALLY?

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  • I agree, they repeat that stupid warning over and over and over and you can't watch whatever show is on.  I think this is put on at the local level and probably nothing Cox can do.

  • Hi Hanny, I’m not sure if you are referring to an alert sent out through the government’s Emergency Alert System (EAS) or an alert broadcast by the TV station you are currently watching. The National Weather Service uses the EAS on a local level to provide the public with alerts and warnings regarding dangerous weather and other emergency conditions. Cox does not control alerts that are broadcast through the Emergency Alert System. When an alert is issued, special equipment automatically interrupts the cable signal to display the emergency information, so the system is completely automated. What you describe—where the show plays on the screen but the audio changes to the alert message—sounds more like an alert managed by the network TV station you are watching. The next time you get this type of alert while watching the Weather Channel, use your remote control to change the TV channel. If there is no alert on the new channel, it means that the Weather Channel is controlling the alerts. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator