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7 years ago

How can I tell how much disk space is used per DVR in multiple DVR network?

Three Contour 2's. How can I tell how much disk space is used in each individual DVR? For example, would I be able see that one DVR is full while the others are empty? Is there any documentation available?


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    Hello MSUTulsa,

    The Contour 2 DVR settings will show the storage capacity and the available space. Press the Contour button, select saved, and you can see the storage information. Thanks

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    Hi Karen_R,

    Thanks for responding. You did not answer my question. Ten out of ten Cox tech support agents (and their supervisors) and installers seemed to not have understood that basic question. The 11th person, who seemed to understand how the software actually works, was able to explain to me why the Contour 2 DVR boxes are doing what they're doing. That's all I need to know! Yes, I am in a unique situation here but just let me know what I'm dealing with and we can make it work to everyone's satisfaction.

    Please don't give dumb-**** responses to people who are just looking for help.



  • MSUTulsa,

    Let me see if I can address this for you. Because of the way the new Contour works, it doesn't appear to be possible to separate out the usage when multiple DVR's are in use. Scheduled recordings are not saved on individual boxes and recordings occur on the first available tuner, regardless of the box or number of DVR's in use. It's my understanding that usage is displayed based upon the total amount of recordings and total disk space available.

    I know it can be trying to be unable to find the information you seek, but please, as per our ground rules we ask you to be respectful. Hostile, derogatory, or mean posts will be removed.

    I hope my explanation sufficient answers your question. Please let us know if you require additional assistance.