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10 days ago

Horrible customer service

around 3 weeks ago I went to my local cox store to cancel cable and phone because the bill continues to go up.. At the time they told me they couldn't cancel my services until I brought my equipment in but I was paid up until July 9th (today) so I went in today with my equipment and then they told me I owe $174.68!!! No that's not correct, your employee told me I was paid up until July 9th and that was confirmed by a person on the cox chat.. so the employee gave me what was supposed to be a local number 316-262-0661 and I was able to speak to a Janie. She agreed that I was misled and said she would issue me a $114 credit but if I wanted more I'd have to go to a different department so she transferred me. This was the begining of being transfered to 7 different people all of which said sorry they can't help me. I was transferred to billing, then loyalty and god only knows who else in multiple different countries

  • every person told me they couldn't honor that credit because Janie did not document it. That is not my fault! She should have documented it but no one will honor the credit. I'm at my wits end with cox and I've been a customer since 1989 and been one headache after another. Can you please help me with the credit I was promised? No one can get me back to Janie this has been terrible and I've wasted an entire day (so far) How is it possible to get back to an agent or at least get a local agent