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5 years ago

HDMI to VGA conversion -

Using the basic cox box HDA250 DT -  Trying to use an HDMI out to VGA converter but doesn't work.  Anyone know why?  The HDMI / VGA converter works fine connected from a HDMI laptop port to a VGA in montior.  But NOT on the cox box to VGA port on monitor.  The monitor I want to use only supports VGA or DVI input only. 

HDA works fine when connected via HDMI to HDMI to a different monitor.  I suspect cox isn't following standard HDMI protocols?  Any ideas?

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    Hello, have you tried using this VGA converter with other receivers in the home? I only mention this because you mentioned that it works with a laptop HDMI. Digital media connections, like HDMI and DVI, are required to be HDCP-compliant. High-bandwidth Digital Copy Protection (HDCP) is an industry-standard security system designed to prevent the unauthorized copying of digital content. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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    I agree with Kevin on the copy-right protection.  HDMI was fundamentally created to prevent recording.  If your device is just a TV or monitor...fine...HDMI will toss keys back-and-forth to enable viewing.  I'll assume your convertor...the HDMI endpoint...just isn't responding to protection negotiations.

    A computer by nature is a recording device because it has storage; therefore, there may be no copy-right protection on its hardware but instead its software.  For example, if you wanted to watch Cox programming via a computer, you're probably limited to watching via Cox software...which has no recording ability.

    I don't know much about HDCP but I'd assume your cable box just doesn't like the convertor.